16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma from Pune wins NASA award

May 2, 2017, 9:52 AM

Meet this class 10 student from Pune who won an award from NASA for her spaceship design.

16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma from Pune wins NASA award

16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma from Pune wins NASA award




In a surprise to many, a Class 10 student from Pune recently bagged an award from NASA for her spaceship design.

Meet 16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma, who won the Honorable Mention Award at the NASA Space Settlement Design Contest-2017

Name of the project:

  • According to reports, Tapaswini has been awarded for her project ‘Kirithra Orbs’, for which she participated in the ‘Individual’ category
  • She designed  Kirithra — a honeycomb-shaped space settlement to help humanity live in deep space
  • As reported, this hypothetical spaceship can provide homes to thousands of people across the world
  • Further, its honeycomb structure can help use the space efficiently – by occupying the maximum volume in the minimum area
  • The space settlement uses only alternate sources of energy to perform basic and complex tasks required for human survival
  • It is designed for economic stability

Speaking about the NASA Space Settlement Design Contest, Tapaswini said:

“I came across details about the contest while browsing the NASA website. I am exhilarated to have been selected and plan to participate again in the future,” she said in a recent Indian Express report.

About the contest:

  • For this contest, NASA had received more than 6,000 applications across the globe
  • This annual contest was called worldwide by the NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University, and the National Space Society (NSS)

Tapaswini’s schooling:

Tapaswini is currently a class 10 student at Suryadatta National School, Pune.

This whiz kid has now been invited by NASA to attend the 36th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in St Louis, USA.

Further, while congratulating Tapaswini , the secretary and vice president of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Sushama Chordiya, said students should be given exposure to visit space centres and become aware of careers in aeronautics.

Source – India Today


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