1 Oct 2013

Aamir Khan starrer P.K. to release in June next year

Bollywood actor Amir Khan releases the book 'Ganga' at a function in Mumbai.The upcoming political satire P.K., starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma and directed by Rajkumar Hirani, has been in the news ever since its announcement. From making headlines for Aamir's look to the possible storyline, media has been abuzz about the film.

Though there was no word on
 the release date of the film all this while, we have now been officially informed that P.K. , produced by Vinod Chopra Films and Rajkumar Hirani Films in association with Disney UTV, will release on June 6, 2014. 

Besides Aamir and Anushka, the film stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjay Dutt.

Aamir's myriad get-ups

Wearing yellow helmet
The actor was spotted shooting at Dilli Haat in Delhi recently. In one shot, the actor was sporting a yellow helmet, wearing a transistor like a sling bag, holding a bunch of yellow pamphlets, and chasing a behroopiya dressed like Shiva.

The ghagra boy
Aamir was also seen wearing a blazer along with a ghagra (something we've never seen anybody wear as yet) during the P.K. shoot in February.

Dude in tight shirt
The actor was also spotted in a I-can-barely-breathe shirt with a radio round his neck.

Source..hindustan times

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