18 Sep 2015

A THOUGHT - India Hand loom Brand

Handloom fabrics and handloom weavers form an integral part of the rich culture, heritage and tradition of India. Apart from providing one of the basic needs of human beings, along with a sizable contribution to GDP and export, this Industry provides direct and indirect employment to lakhs of people in the rural and urban areas. Handloom is one of the largest employment providers after agriculture in India.  This sector provides employment to 43.31 lakh persons engaged on about 23.77 lakh handlooms, of which 10% are from scheduled castes,18%belong to the scheduled tribes, and 45% belong to other backward classes. Production in the handloom sector recorded a figure of 7116 million sq. meters in the year 2013-14. During 2014-15, production in the handloom sector is reported to be 3547 million sq. Meters (April-September-2014)

13 Sep 2015

This Train Station In Kerala Uses Flowers Grown In Recycled Plastic Bottles To Help Prevent Accidents

Aluva is a quaint little town in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, but it's now known for something you wouldn't visualise on an Indian train station.
Neha Venkatesh was transiting through the station when she noticed plastic bottles painted yellow and white with China Rose flowers growing out of them.


She later found out that it was the efforts of the Station Master and the Health Inspector whose plan was threefold: to recycle plastic bottles thrown out of train compartments, to beautify the station and to discourage people from crossing over the tracks.

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