30 Mar 2016

Why No Woman Wants To Marry Into This Village In Madhya Pradesh

Nearly 60 young men from the village are having a tough time finding brides for themselves.

TERIYAMAR VILLAGE, CHATTARPURFor the third consecutive year, Madhya Pradesh’s Chattarpur district is facing a drought and many parts of district are reeling under a severe water crisis. Bachelors in Tehrimariya village say even finding brides has become a problem now. No one wants to marry into a village with not enough water.

Mohan Yadav is 32. For five years now his family has been trying to find him a bride. Villagers say there are nearly 60 men like Mr Yadav who face the same crisis in the village.
“People refuse to get their daughter married to me saying there is a water crisis in my village and after marriage they would have to walk miles to fetch water. I want to get married,” says Mr Yadav. He wants the government to help. “Solution to the water problem is possible, if government makes a dam,” he adds.

Chattarpur district lies in the Bundelkhand region – a cluster of 13 districts spread across southern Uttar Pradesh and north Madhya Pradesh – badly hit by an agrarian crisis due to repeated droughts over the last decade or so.
In Teriyamar, almost a dozen wells and borewells as deep as 400 feet have dried up and women mostly have to walk at least a kilometre to fetch water.

Chandra Awasthi told NDTV,” The well near my house has dried up. Now I have to walk a kilometre to get water. I go at least four to five times to the well in a day for water, and it is tiring. Because of the water problem, men in the village are not getting brides and that includes my brother in law.”

Over the years, the water crisis has had an adverse impact on farming and social life. The district administration says it is now working on a solution to the water problem but it will take time.

Binita Jain, Tehsildar Bakswaha says, “We have identified an area for a stop dam there. Once collector sanctions the project, land acquisition will happen and we will make the dam, in the next one and a half to two years the water problem will be solved in the Teriyamar village.”
Source - NDTV

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