15 Apr 2016

15 Dialogues From Shah Rukh Khan's 'Fan' You Just Can't Forget

There are certain roles that help an actor earn huge Box Office returns, and then there are those who make viewers rethink an actor. This could be because actors came up with a performance viewers thought they couldn’t have ever pulled off or because they played against the ‘known’ and ‘well-accepted’ image. And we obviously can’t contain our excitement after watching Shah Rukh Khan move out of his comfort zone, try out something new and also find huge success in it.

While we can’t stop talking about Shah Rukh Khan on his incredible potential to play to his strength and also try out something new, his film ‘Fan’ is winning hearts with its barbed comments, interesting conversations and veiled threats. We bring to you the most unforgettable dialogues from his film 'Fan'.

SOURCE - ibnlive

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