17 Apr 2016

Things You Didn't Know About The Vegetables You Eat

What are the sure shot things we know about vegetables? We avoid them, they are filler foods at best for salads, they are colourful so we guess it's a plus? But aside from these facts, what do we actually know about all those leafy, raw things are elders seem to love and force us to eat?

1. Lettuce

Lettuce has fiber in it which helps in making you feel fuller, and also helps in digestion.Fiber also helps remove bile salts from the body. When the body replaces these salts, it breaks down cholesterol to do so. This is why lettuce is also good for your heart. Lettuce also has, relaxing and sleep inducing properties. Lettuce is mostly eaten raw, hence, providing the micronutrients which is absent from processed or cooked food.

2. Garlic

Garlic or the stinky pod is the best easily available vegetable. The stinky pod helps in lowering blood pressure, detoxification, and helps in preventing food poisoning. Garlic is beneficial in keeping bacterial and viral infections at bay. Chemical found in the garlic is helpful in treating fungal skin infections like ringworm or athlete's foot. To get the best out of this magic pod, let it sit for ten minutes once you've chopped it, this method helps to retain a third more of its cancer fighting sulfur compounds.

3. Cauliflower

The health benefits of cauliflower include relief from indigestion, ultraviolet radiation, diabetes, colitis, respiratory, obesity, and hypertension. The antioxidant power of cauliflower helps in strengthening the immune system and also helps in reducing risk of stroke, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Cauliflower also aids in maintaining bone, brain, and cellular health, optimum cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disorders.

4. Beets

Beets is a good source of potassium, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B & C, beta-carotene, beta-cyanine, folic acid. Beets works as a good purifier for the blood, a magic tonic for the liver and can prevent various forms of cancer. Pregnant women should stick to beet during their pregnancy. Beets also help in keeping you sane as it contains betaine, which is used to treat depression. So start eating beets, without missing a beat.

5. Ginger

Ginger is very useful during nausea, motion sickness, pain and loss of appetite. Ginger can also reduce inflammation in the colon, which helps in decreasing the chances of colon cancer. Ginger helps in absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body.

6. Mushroom

Mushroom is 92 % water and contains zero fat. They are a very good source of vitamins and minerals. If you're trying to lose weight, then mushroom is the way to go. The presence of selenium in the mushroom helps keep your hair and nails healthy and shiny. Mushrooms also strengthen the immune system. Due to the presence of fiber, mushroom is good for fighting constipation, nausea and fatigue.

7. Spinach

Spinach is the next best thing for the body apart from love. Spinach is loaded with nutrients, more than any other vegetable. The calcium present in the spinach is beneficial for the bones. Vitamin A and C, fiber, and folic acid help fight against colon and breast cancer. Spinach also helps to lower damaging protein levels in the body. Spinach is loaded with anti- oxidants. So for all of you looking forward to keeping yourself fit, say hi to spinach.

8. Turnips

Turnips are said to control and reduce the risk of cancers of the lung, bladder, pancreas and the stomach. It also decreases the chances of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Turnips are very good source of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. The fiber content in turnips helps in preventing constipation, and lowers the chances of getting colon cancer. Presence of vitamin C, protects your eyes from severe UV ray damage.

9. Zucchini

The king of versatility, say hello to zucchini. One cup of zucchini equals to 19 calories, the perfect meal for all the weight watchers. Potassium rich zucchini is good for maintaining a stable blood pressure and maintaining a steady heartbeat. The presence of fiber in zucchini helps in lowering cholesterol.

10. Broccoli

Your parents were right, eating broccoli is very good for your body. People who are lactose intolerant or vegan, broccoli is the next best source of calcium after milk. Eating broccoli leads to strong and healthy bones. Broccoli is also rich in fiber. Broccoli also helps in detoxification of the body.

SOURCE - goodtimes.ndtv

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