2 Jan 2017

Transporters told to utilise RoRo service

Sanjay Gupta 

‘Efforts to introduce timetabled services from Surathkal fails to yield good results’

Konkan Railway Corporation’s efforts to operate timetabled Roll-on-Roll-off (RoRo) services between Kolad and Surathkal have yielded good results with the service getting regular daily patronage.

Also, efforts to introduce timetabled services from Surathkal have not yielded good results, according to KRCL chairman and managing director Sanjay Gupta.
A timetabled service, Mr. Gupta said, would offer assured pick up and delivery of lorries within the specified timeframe, maximum of 25 hours.

The facility would benefit regular freight movement between Mumbai region and Mangaluru region.

Meanwhile, the Indian Railways has picked up the concept of RoRo from KRCL and introduced the same in other parts of the country, Mr. Gupta noted.

Efforts are being made to encourage transporters in Mangaluru region to utilise the timetabled service as it benefits both KRCL and the transporters, he said. Certainty of departure and arrival would encourage transporters to depend more on the RoRo. Introduced on January 26, 1999, the RoRo service where lorries ride piggy-back on specially designed flatcars, has gradually gained popularity. From just 5,719 lorries with 328 trips in 1999-2000, the numbers have increased to 48,815 lorries with 1,085 trips, Mr. Gupta said.

The facility was designed to provide social as well as economic benefits to society. The system reduces the number of lorries on roads thereby reducing the chances of accidents. It is in fact a breather to drivers who always work under a tight work schedule. It also saves substantial quality of fossil fuel-diesel saving foreign exchange and lessening environmental pollution, Mr. Gupta said.

RoRo also has contributed considerably to KRCL’s purse too. From just Rs. 2.95 crore in 1999-2000, the incomes of the xorporation from RoRo has risen to Rs. 73 crore in 2014-15, which witnessed a marginal decline in 2015-16 (Rs. 66 crore). In the first eight months of 2016-17, KRCL has ferried 26,771 trucks with 624 trips and earned revenue of about Rs. 35 crore.
Source - The Hindu

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