29 Jun 2017

Role of National Observers appointed by Department of Sports

Reports have appeared in a section of media about the appointment of National observers and their role particularly in the wake of conflict of interests in some areas of sports. 

The Minister of state (IC) Youth Affairs and Sports Shri Vijay Goel has reiterated that the 12 players of international eminence were appointed by the Ministry as National Observers for the first time for the development of sports and these National Observers are performing their duties as per the
guidelines and role assigned to them by the Ministry. 

Shri Goel further informed that their role was defined at the time of their appointment as National Observers. As per that order the following is the responsibility assigned: 

1. To observe selection of national teams and to suggest measures for further strengthening free and transparent selection. 

2. To assess the existing sports infrastructure/ equipment, quality of scientific backup and medical facilities at the venues of the national coaching camps and report the critical gaps. 

3. To observe, analyse, review and report on the performance of Indian and foreign coaches and the progress of performances of the campers. 

4. To maintain data base on the performance profile of individual athletes as well as coaches and to assist the performance of national team in the international tournaments and suggest training needs of athletes including foreign training and competition exposure with special focus on sub junior and junior level athletes. 

5. To examine complaints from players and other stakeholder by taking up the matter with the NSF concerned for redressal and send a report to the Ministry. 

6. To assist NSFs/National Sports promotion Organisations/ SAI in preparation and finalization of ACTC and

7. To accompany the National Team for international exposure as may be required. 

In the light of the above defined role of national observers this apprehension that there is a conflict of interest in the duties of any national observer is baseless. 

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