19 Jul 2017

Delhi's Famous Sarojini Nagar Is Now Online And We Can't Keep Calm!

Image result for Sarojini NagarI love shopping in Sarojini Nagar but I just can't stand the rampant. 

Every time I go to Delhi's beloved Sarojni Nagar, I come home with unaccountable white polyethene bags filled with cheap clothes, accessories, gorgeous pair of shoes and a broken toe. 
With almost entire Delhi flocking the market to get their hands on quirky yet cheap things, it is nearly impossible to come out with clean hands in this coal mine.
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But my dear obsessive shopaholic, I have a good news for you! 

Delhi's Sarojini Nagar just went online and now you splurge anytime, anywhere. 

Mohammed Adi, the founder of the venture revealed that he wants to great fashion to people in Tier II and Tier III cities. The idea behind taking this famous market online was to have everyone on board. 

He also believes that Sarojini Nagar is the reflection of their idea - make great fashion affordable for all.
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The website will offer you dresses at the same low price, but they do not compromise with the quality. Just like you pick and choose clothes for yourself, the management here too is equally concerned. 
Well, let the shopping begin!
Source - India Times

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