11 Jul 2017

This pizza restaurant in Pakistan has robot waiters, and it’s SO cool

Pizza.com in Multan, Pakistan, now boasts of robot waiters, which has become quite a favourite with local diners, as people not only go there for their favourite Italian dish, but also for a unique experience. Customers even love taking selfies and photos with the robot servers.
The inspiration for the the robot waiters came from robotic restaurants in China. (Source: AJ+/Facebook)
If you thought Japan and China are the only countries were restaurants have robot servers, then you have another think coming. This unique concept has made its way to the culinary landscape of our neighbouring nation of Pakistan as well. A pizzeria in Multan, which has a slew of robots as its servers, has just become the latest dining hot spot.

The concept is the brainchild of 23-year-old electric engineering graduate, Usama Aziz, who studied in Islamabad created these robots for his semester project. He got the idea from hearing about robotic restaurants in China, which led to Pizza.com. The base of these unique servers is made of metal as it needs to balance the whole body. During the test they had problems in balancing the robots as they need to be able to handle around 5kg of food weight. They also had some initial problems getting the servers to the correct table. But now most of the kinks have been resolved.

This is the first robot to work on a commercial scale in the country. Over the metal skeleton base, the body is manufactured from fibreglass, and all the other electronics and modules have been sourced locally. The concept restaurant has become quite a hit with people coming in by the droves. Kids and diners love to take photos with the robots as well as the owners, Aziz told AJ+.

For now, the creator is focusing on sorting out the various kinks in the programming, after which he intends to improve on the look and feel of the robots. Well, now if only India got it’s own robot restaurant soon, it would be SO cool.
Source - Indian Express

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