10 Aug 2017

Viewers want a ban on 'Pehredaar Piya Ki'; start a campaign for the same

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Sony TV's new show 'Pehredaar Piya Ki' has been receiving a lot of criticism as they show romance between a 9-year old little boy and a 19-year old girl and their marriage.

Ever since the show got aired, it has been getting a lot of negative reviews on social media stating the entire plot as bizzare and misleading the concept of child marriage.
The show became more crazy when they showed a weird pervert behaviour by the young boy who stalked his better half at a small age. Things went out of limit, when recently, the show is revolving around their honeymoon.

After the illogical presentation of child marriage, the makers went more creepy by putting a honeymoon sequence in the show. Also there are not so comfortable dialogues in the show like "He is a kid, and we don't know when he will be big enough to satisfy you." Awkard right?

The show is becoming an excuse for Indian TV to linger in its regressive comfort zone.

So after few episodes got aired on TV shocking the viewers, they decided to start a campaign to ban this weird show.

One of the viewers started a campaign on change.org to ban this show as this obnoxious and perverted series can severly impact impressionable minds of children.

Till now 75 people have signed the petition and more are counting.

The show has been promoted as an unusual eternal love story but this is where pedophilia and child marriage come in which are celebrated in the show.

Though similar relationships have been shown earlier on TV like Balika Vadhu highlighting social issue like child marriage but in Pehredaar, the boy is not a victim. He is shown as a romantic hero impressing an older woman.
Source - Times Of India

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