21 Apr 2018

Surat Diamond Merchant And His Family To Become Jain Monks

A diamond merchant from Gujarat's Surat, along with his family members including wife Nita, daughter Pooja and son Darshil are on their way to become Jain monks. This would mean that they give up all elements of householder life, including emotional attachments to other people, places or things.

Sanjay Shah, along with his family will take diksha, a Jain ritual of renunciation or initiation, on April 25 in Ahmedabad. Shah, a resident of Athwagate in Surat, has shut down his diamond unit to carry on his life as a Jain monk.

His daughter had received a gold medal from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for topping South Gujarat University in 2010. His son was about to complete studies of Chartered Accountancy and is dropping out to become a Jain monk.

NPS New Rule: Bank Account, Mobile Number Made Mandatory For Subscribers

The Pension Fund Regulatory And Development Authority (PFRDA) on Friday announced to make bank account details and mobile numbers of subscribers mandatory. The pension regulator has introduced the new rule in order to offer ease of operation for the benefit of subscribers. The new rule will also allow the exit from National Pension System (NPS) a hassle free experience, says the finance ministry statement on Friday.

The changes in NPS have been introduced via new subscriber registration form that has been introduced by the PFRDA.

19 Apr 2018

‘Smart Health’ app to soon help in tracking diabetes in rural India

The app will expand the role of community health workers with digital technology and help address the growing burden on chronic diseases.

Researchers have developed an innovative smartphone app that could enable community health workers track the growing burden of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, especially in the rural areas.

Named “Smart Health”, the app will be used by community health workers called as ASHAs, who will be trained to screen and identify people suffering from diabetes or at high risk of the disease in the rural communities.

Redmi S2 Budget Phone With Dual Camera, Face Unlock Reportedly Coming to India

Xiaomi is reportedly planning to launch the Mi 6X (Mi A2 in India) at event it is hosting on April 25, but it might not be the only new handset coming our way. A new leak has revealed that Xiaomi plans to launch the Redmi S2 budget smartphone in China and India. While this is the first time the Redmi S2 has been mentioned in a leak, there are enough specifications and features leaked to give us a good enough idea about what the handset will offer to buyers. However, there are questions about the Xiaomi Redmi S2 pricing, launch date and release date that remain unanswered, but will hopefully come out as the weeks pass by.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Successfully Launches NASA's TESS Planet Hunting Telescope

A Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Florida on Wednesday on SpaceX's first high-priority science mission for NASA, a planet-hunting orbital telescope designed to detect worlds beyond our solar system that might be capable of harbouring life.

The Transit Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, lifted off on schedule from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 6:51pm EDT, following a two-day postponement forced by a technical glitch found on Monday in the rocket's guidance-control system.

IPL 2018: धोनी स्टाइल में बनाया कार्तिक ने बल्लेबाज को शिकार, हवा में उड़कर की स्टम्पिंग

आईपीएल में कोलकाता नाइट राइडर्स शानदार परफॉर्म करती नजर आ रही है. हर बार की तरह इस बार भी वो अग्रेसिव होकर खेल रहे हैं. इस बार कोलकाता के कप्तान दिनेश कार्तिक हैं.

आईपीएल में कोलकाता नाइट राइडर्स शानदार परफॉर्म करती नजर आ रही है. हर बार की तरह इस बार भी वो अग्रेसिव होकर खेल रहे हैं. इस बार कोलकाता के कप्तान दिनेश कार्तिक हैं. जो बल्लेबाजी के साथ-साथ शानदार विकेटकीपरिंग भी करते हैं. केकेआर और राजस्थान रॉयल्स के बीच मुकाबला खेला गया. जिसमें केकेआर ने आसानी से मुकाबला जीत लिया. मैच में सबसे खास था दिनेश कार्तिक की स्टम्पिंग. लेकिन आईपीएल में कार्तिक ने धोनी की स्टाइल में स्टम्पिंग कर सभी को चौका दिया.

नकदी की कमी की समस्या शुक्रवार तक खत्म हो जाएगी: एसबीआई चेयरमैन

स्टेट बैंक ऑफ इंडिया (एसबीआई) के चेयरमैन रजनीश कुमार ने कहा है कि देश के उन राज्यों में कैश की किल्लतशुक्रवार को खत्म हो जाएगी, जहां पिछले कुछ दिनों से एटीएम खालीपड़े हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि कैश की कमी की समस्या खत्म करने के लिए वहां करंसी की खेप भेजी जा रही है। कुमार ने कहा कि कुछ इलाके के एटीएम खाली हैं और उनमें बड़े नोट नहीं डाले गए।

गुरुवार को संवाददाताओं से बात करते हुए एसबीआई चेयरमैन ने कहा, 'कैश की कमी की समस्या व्यापक नहीं है। यह तेलंगाना और बिहार जैसे राज्यों तक सिमटी है। हमें उम्मीद है कि कल तक इसका समाधान कर लिया जाएगा क्योंकि कैश भेजे जा चुके हैं जो आज शाम तो उन राज्यों में पहुंच जाएंगे।' 

18 Apr 2018

iPhone X Alone Generated 35 Percent of the Mobile Industry Profits in Q4 2017

As global handset profits dipped 1 percent (year-on-year) in the fourth quarter of 2017, iPhone X alone generated 35 percent of the total handset industry profits, helping the iPhone maker grow 1 percent (YoY) in the same quarter, a new report said on Tuesday.

According to the latest research from Counterpoint's Q4 2017, the premium smartphone market did not grow as expected while Apple remained the most profitable brand, capturing 86 percent of the total handset market profits.

Identity of genes that determines hair colour may help in cancer research

A discovery sheds new light on our understanding of the genetic complexity underpinning variations in human pigmentation.

An international team of scientists have identified 124 genes that play a major role in determining human hair colour variation, a finding that may pave way for better understanding of conditions linked to pigmentation like vitiligo and skin cancer.

The discovery sheds new light on our understanding of the genetic complexity underpinning variations in human pigmentation and could advance our knowledge of conditions linked to pigmentation, such as skin, testicular, prostate and ovarian cancers.

More Than 100 Parts for NASA's Orion Capsule to Be 3D Printed

More than 100 parts for US space agency NASA's deep-space capsule Orion will be made by 3D printers, using technology that experts say will eventually become key to efforts to send humans to Mars.

US defence contractor Lockheed Martin, 3D printing specialist Stratasys, and engineering firm PADT have developed the parts using new materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures and chemical exposure of deep space missions, Stratasys said on Tuesday.

"In space, for instance, materials will build up a charge. If that was to shock the electronics on a space craft there could be significant damage," Scott Sevcik, Vice President Manufacturing Solutions at Stratasys told Reuters.

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