16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma from Pune wins NASA award


Meet this class 10 student from Pune who won an award from NASA for her spaceship design. 16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma from Pune wins NASA award       In a surprise to many, a Class 10 student from Pune recently bagged an award from NASA for her spaceship design. Meet 16-year-old Tapaswini Sharma, who won the Honorable Mention Award at the NASA Space Settlement Design Contest-2017 Name of the project: According to reports, Tapaswini has been awarded for her project 'Kirithra Orbs', for which she participated in the 'Individual' category She designed  Kirithra -- a honeycomb-shaped space settlement

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President’s Estate to Generate 670 KW Solar Energy through rooftop Solar Panels
February 10, 2017

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the first phase of a Solarization Project in the President’s Estate tomorrow (February 10, 2017) under which 670 KW of solar power will be generated through rooftop solar panels installed on seven buildings in the President’s Estate. The savings in electricity bills resulting

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NASA’s new electronics can survive the heat of Venus
February 9, 2017

An integrated circuit before (top) and after (bottom) testing. NASA To call Venus inhospitable would be putting it mildly. It has proven extremely challenging to study in close detail, mainly because of its surface temperature -- a mean of 735 Kelvin (462 degrees Celsius, or 863 degrees Fahrenheit), with atmospheric pressure 90 times that

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What ended the dark ages of the universe?
February 8, 2017

When we peer through our telescopes into the cosmos, we can see stars and galaxies reaching back billions of years. This is possible only because the intergalactic medium we’re looking through is transparent. This was not always the case. 

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NASA Engineer Hired to Work on Uber’s Flying-Car Project
February 8, 2017

Artist's illustration of the Puffin flying car, a concept vehicle developed by NASA aerospace engineer Mark Moore. Uber has hired Moore to work on the company's flying-car initiative, known as Uber Elevate. Credit: NASA Uber has hired longtime NASA engineer Mark Moore to work on the rideshare company's flying-car project, according to

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Former NASA engineer will develop flying cars for Uber
February 7, 2017

When Uber first announced that it was looking into flying cars, I was skeptical that the idea was little more than a very expensive pipe dream. But, a new hire -- from NASA, of all places -- shows how serious Uber actually is. Uber has hired Mark Moore as director of engineering for aviation, Bloomberg reports. He'll be working on Uber Elevate,

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Moto M Grey Colour Variant to Go on Sale in India From Monday
February 4, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS Moto M pricing starts at Rs. 15,999 It will be available via Flipkart Sale of new variant starts at 12pm IST Lenovo on Friday announced that the Grey colour variant of the Moto M will be available in India from 12pm IST on Monday, February 6. The new colour variant will be exclusively available via Flipkart,

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