Free Jio is gone and here is why you are going to miss it badly

May 5, 2017, 3:41 PM

Reliance Jio is successful in its plans. The company took some inspiration from Silicon Valley earlier and offered something for free, hoping that all those using it for free will be hooked to it. And it has seemingly turned out right. People are hooked to its free data. At least, I am. And now that this data is no longer free, I am missing it.

Jio aimed to make Indians data addict and that’s what many have become. When Jio started talking about the paid plans, just to see how it will all go down — that’s what journalistic curiosity does to you — I did not subscribe to any plan. I didn’t take Jio Prime membership. Nor got any Jio paid plan. Now the Jio services, 4G and all, are gone from my SIM. I had thought that life without Jio wouldn’t be an issue. But actually, what I have found is somewhat different.

Though I have SIM cards and services, including data services, from other networks, the feeling that free Jio brought of using the net without one eye on data meter, is gone. Now it is back to paying for data and counting those megabytes.

It is not a knock on Jio. It is very obvious that the service was to go the paid route.

In fact, it continued for free for far too longer. But for a lot of people, using internet may no longer be the same the way it was on free Jio. Earlier when I had Jio, internet was never a tension. Though the network was not good all the time, it performed fairly well. Not only one phone, my second phone also used internet via hotspot from Jio.

We are a data hungry nation and telecom operators very well know this fact. I have been using smartphone since year 2010. Being a dedicated Reliance users and at times switching to Aircel and Airtel, I feel I have spent a lot on internet plans. During college days, when every penny you have is equivalent to a diamond, the internet plans of Airtel  and Reliance have cost me an arm and a leg.

The free 4G data from Jio was like a way out for me to get back at these telecom operators and use the free internet to its fullest. I downloaded movies, music, streamed dozens of music videos a day and even watched TV series on my way to office from home. But now it’s all over.

All good things must come to end. Free Jio 4G too has. And for a lot of Indian consumers, who has been made data addict by Jio in the last 6 months, it is either going to be a pay time or the withdrawal time, with user missing the high that free data brought to them.

Source – India Today


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