Kapil Sharma Reveals His Love Story And Announces His Wedding Date

March 21, 2017, 4:31 PM

It was last week only that Kapil Sharma surprised everyone when he shared the picture of his girlfriend, Ginni Chatrath on his social media handles. Immediately, wishes started pouring in from all his fans and friends.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the comedy king, Kapil Sharma to come up with an official announcement about his marriage.

The wait is over, Kapil has finally revealed his wedding date.

Here is what Kapil said about his wedding:

“The wedding should hopefully happen in January 2018. I know I’ve been flirting a lot with Deepika Padukone and other actresses on my show, but I guess now it’s time for me to settle down. And I am happy that I have found whatever I wanted, in Ginni.”

Kapil and Ginni are tying the knot in January 2018.

This is what Kapil tweeted last week:

He also tweeted this…

So where did he meet his ladylove, Ginni? Kapil shared:

“I don’t understand why people are not believing something when I tweet about it? What is there to be shocked? Yes, I am getting married to Ginni and she is the love of my life. I have known her for 10 years since my college days in Jalandhar. I used to go to her college to do stand-up comedy. I fell in love with her first, then my mother fell in love with her and that’s when I felt I should make it official. She not only completes me but is my better half.”

Not many people know that Ginni’s real name is Bhavneet Chatrath. Both Ginni and Kapil appeared on a comedy show named ‘Hans Baliye’ together in 2009.

Source – Yahoo


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