Reliance Jio Prime offer deadline is tomorrow: Three points to keep in mind

March 30, 2017, 6:47 PM

Reliance Jio Prime membership’s deadline ends tomorrow: Here are three things to consider when picking the service

If you are a Reliance Jio user and haven’t signed up for the Prime membership, you’ve probably got 100s of message alerts telling you to do so. After all, March 31 is the deadline (that’s tomorrow), after which you can’t become a Reliance Jio Prime member. If Jio is how you’ve been consuming data, then this should matter to you. For those who’ve been fence-sitting around issue, here’s a look at three points to consider when approaching the idea of Jio Prime

Jio Prime and what it means

Not purchasing the Jio Prime doesn’t mean your connection will stop working. It’s just that the current data party will come to an end. The regular data packs (non-Prime) from Jio offer too little data at the same price as the Prime options. Jio Prime membership will be active till March 31, 2018.

After the Rs 99 recharge, you will get options like Rs 303 which offer 1GB per day, valid for 28 days, Rs 499 which has 2GB data per day, which is also valid for 28 days. Jio is also throwing in extra add-on packs to these recharges, and you can get up to 10GB data free depending on the value of your recharge. There are some cashbacks as well if you use JioMoney, but they come riddled with terms and conditions and can only be used for more recharges on Jio.

Ok, so my number won’t stop, but I’m still confused about getting Jio Prime

Opting in for the Jio Prime service really makes sense for users who are consuming a lot of data every day, and if the current service provider is not giving something similar. For those who want a data SIM with 4G speeds and minimal cost, Jio Prime is one way of ensuring this.

If you are using more than 1GB data a day on your mobile, and don’t have a fixed line at home, then getting the Jio Prime membership is a good investment. After all, at least for one year you can just pay Rs 303 per month, and get unlimited calls, SMS and 1GB internet per day.

Reliance Jio, Jio Prime, Jio Prime deadline, Jio Prime recharge, Reliance Jio Prime terms, Jio Prime price, Jio Prime fees, Jio Prime rechargeOpting in for the Jio Prime service really makes sense for users who are consuming a lot of data every day.

But remember, it is possible to get some extra data from your current provider as well. With Jio’s entry in the market, we’ve seen data prices take a tumble in India. Players like Airtel, Vodafone have doubled data offerings for their postpaid and prepaid customers across the packs. Of course, there’s a chance these data packs, some of which are offering 1GB per day might disappear in the coming months.

But if you don’t use more than 2GB data per month, then you might not see the point of this.  Don’t just go for a service because the free data bit sounds exciting. Remember, you’ll be paying Rs 303 per month at the very least, assuming you want the 1GB per day option. Also the data is not carried over, if you don’t consume all of it.

Simply put, if the Jio SIM is no longer your main preference for browsing the internet, then the service might not be for you.

Terms and conditions

Jio Prime membership payment is for the period of one year. The price could change next year, but that’s a given with anything. After the Rs 99 recharge, you have to do a Rs 303 or higher recharge. Depending on your postpaid or prepaid connection, you can choose to pick a plan, and it will be credited to your account for the coming month. Reliance will let users do multiple recharges in one go, if you want those extra data benefits.

Remember that doesn’t bump up your daily FUP, it just gets added to your overall data limit for the month. For those thinking about porting their number to Reliance Jio, this is a 4G VoLTE network. There’s no 2G or 3G out here, and call drops is still an issue on the network, though Jio claims this is coming down. Also WiFi hotspot connections with a Jio Prime account are limited to just one device, so keep that in mind.

Source – Indian Express


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