37 Things A Person With Anxiety Thinks About In One Day

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I am Ghazala and anxiety is the only flatmate I have. I wake up to it, and sleep with it in this house I reluctantly call mine. Here are 37 things anxiety makes me think of or feel every day.
1. I can’t get up.

2. Why is my body always hurting?

3. Why am I so ugly?

4. How can I share my feelings with a person? I am a burden.

5. I hope I don’t get any messages or calls for the next hour at least.

6. Why haven’t they messaged me?

7. Am I worth anything? Am I talented at all?

8. Gosh, why I am always drowning in self-pity?

9. No one will ever love me.

10. I’ll never feel sexually aroused.

11. They like everyone but me.

12. Should I go to the washroom and cry?

13. Crying will exhaust me but that’s all I want to do.

14. I am a burden.

15. No one will ever learn anything from me.

16. I need to be a better person right now.

17. I have forgotten how to masturbate.

18. Should I start taking medication?

19. Will anyone smart right-swipe me?

20. Will I ever be a leader?

21. I am worthless.

22. I am a big burden.

23. I don’t feel like living on most days.

24. I don’t want to die too soon.

25. Will I ever be able to write again?

26. I hope 9 am never comes, and I never have to leave home.

27. I don’t want to talk to anyone.

28. I want to pull my hair out.

29. Why are my fingers and toes hurting so much?

30. What is a constant pit in someone’s stomach called?

31. I wish something happens and I can miss work without guilt tomorrow.

32. How will I live after my parents die?

33. What is the meaning of being strong?

34. I am a burden and everyone hates me.

35. I can’t stop crying now.

36. Please help me.

37. What do I do?

Source - Youth ki Awaaz

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