Here Is What It Feels To Not Be Able To Keep Up With The Trends Of This Generation

Our generation is conflicted by the presence of social media. We cannot keep our hands off our smartphones. We are always online, making our presence felt. Most of us are addicted to scrolling, and cramming unnecessary information. Sometimes, we refrain from giving likes, comments or instantly replying to texts, to not come off as desperate but we are still lurking around like creeps. On the other hand, we are constantly comparing ourselves to the projections of others. And in this uncalled completion, we are constantly left behind, trying to be okay with how unfulfilling and mundane our lives are.
I am no different from the crowd I just described. My timeline is always flooded by the posts of people who are enjoying every moment of their lives. Posts of the most exquisite meals and places in every person’s travel bucket list. If you believe everything you see on social media, then you have to be ready to believe that in today’s world adults and adolescents are sure of their lives, that they have no self-doubts or insecurities, that they have clear defined goals, bucket lists and their posts looks like a million bucks.

Their life schedule looks like those of celebrities. The trick is, take one good selfie, add a million filters or take a simple meal and make it look like a gourmet dish. Or maybe highlight a series you are watching and make it look like your entire day was enjoyable. That’s exactly what our generation does. Make it look like they are enjoying a far better life. But then, we are all guilty of doing it.

The almost unattainable are the travel posts appearing on our timeline. Every nook and corner of the country and dreamy places abroad keep appearing on our timeline at constant intervals. And somehow almost every millennial who gets the opportunity to travel suddenly takes a spiked interest in photography. To showcase that skill, there will be large albums dedicated to the trips they take. They post these pictures to keep reminding everyone of all the places they’ve been to, of all the food they’ve eaten and how their squad is the best.

Here the rest of this generation can either look at them in awe or sulk because of not being able to do all of this. We feel cast out because our lives can never be as hip as those of our friends. In reality, there is always a lack of money or time or a combination of both.Some of us are stuck to a mundane rut to make ends meet, and for us these travel goals seem almost unattainable. A weekend getaway takes months of planning and savings. At times we force ourselves to the pub we aren’t into, coffee shops that charges exorbitant amounts or clichéd locations just to impress a crowd that doesn’t give a damn about us. In this attempt to compete with the far better off lifestyles, we are the ones losing.

Maybe we don’t have the privilege of making travel goals and act on it without thinking or we have to be stuck in a banal routine, but in no way that warrants that the only way to be happier is to come off better than others. Maybe if we just quit this mad race, we can live a little more and smile more often.

Source - Youth Connect

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