Here's What Kangana Ranaut Did Right After The Release Of Simran!

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Kangana Ranaut leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her movies and right after the release of Simran, the actress without taking a break resumed her horse riding classes for the shoot of her upcoming film, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She doesn't like to waste her time being free and hence decided to resume the classes right after Simran hit the theatres. 

Her trainer Suresh Tapuriah opened up, "Her seat is also good and she is now adept at trotting, cantering, galloping which she does fearlessly, sometimes without stirrups. I keep telling people that riding is a science in the beginning but after some time it becomes an art; an art of communicating with an animal which is ten times stronger than you." Also Read: Sunny Leone's Navratri Themed Condom Ad Faces Opposition In Gujarat! Also, a source close to the movie opened up by saying, "Out of the 50 days allotted to the filming of action sequences, Kangana has completed around 20 in Hyderabad and will soon resume shoot. She has decided to learn new skills in her free time." Kangana also injured her forehead during a sword-fighting practice session and was hospitalised for a few days. Thankfully, she has recovered fully and is now learning both horse riding and sword fighting for her upcoming biopic on Queen Jhansi.
Source - Filmi Beat

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