Here’s Why Parents Should Always Be A Part Of Our Lives, No Matter How Much We Grow Up

My mother often recalls my first day at school and how she waited outside while I walked inside. I turned back a few to look her for some assurance, and when I saw her standing there the 4th time I turned, I was encouraged to walk into the school. Often, my father brings up instances from my childhood about how we were as a family or how I behaved with people. They still get worried if they haven’t heard from me for a few hours and they watch out for me in all aspects of living.
Aren’t all parents the same? I feel that parents are people who are always there for us, because no matter how much we grow up, we’ll always been their little children. While growing up, we change friends, likes, and feelings. We decide that it’s not cool to celebrate birthdays and New Years with our parents. Suddenly friends become so important to us that we take extreme steps to maintain a good impression on them, even if that means disregarding our parents.

People say that it’s just a teenage thing and it will pass, rude adolescents shutting the door on their parents’ faces. The ones who give them a room to stay will have to knock the door and wait outside.

We all go through this rebellious phase, fighting each and every decision our parents take for us and questioning their judgements. While parents don’t necessarily have to be right all the time, most of the things that they do for us are out of love. They still look at us as the child they held in their hands for the first time.

Now that we are past the adolescence, we think that being an adult is a license to have a completely separate life from our parents. While we are busy climbing corporate ladders or trying to settle down, they are left to battle the empty nest syndrome. They look forward to a call from us all day, and sometimes we cancel holiday plans to go meet them because we would rather spend it with our friends of by ourselves travelling that is makes everyone on our social media envious of us.

This is the biggest mistake we can make; starting a life while forgetting to make them a part of it. This doesn’t mean we have to agree with all their decisions and opinions; we don’t have to live our lives according to them. Parents are wrong a lot, the only right thing we can do is to stick around to correct them like they did all these years for us.

Go sit with your parents and recall your childhood, ask them if they had their meals, watch a movie, go to a restaurant or simply sit and talk. They aren’t your ATMs and caretakers, they are your parents. Make some space in your life for the people who sacrificed their entire lives for you.

We have no rights to forget the only people who stood by us through thick and thin. The best part about becoming adults is that if we try, we might just find our best friends in our parents. And that makes our lives a lot easier.

Source - Youthconnect

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