26 Sep 2017

In Delhi, public services may come to your doorstep for an extra fee of Rs 50

At present, applicants are still required to visit the district office of their locality for verification of documents.(File Photo)
From next year, you could be spared the trip to a government office for getting your birth certificate or the RC of your vehicle. For a fee of Rs 50, these documents will be personally handed to you right at your doorstep.

The Delhi government plans to deploy specialised representatives who would apply on your behalf, collect the required documents and deliver the approved certificate to your house.

A person will be able to avail of the optional service either through a mobile app or simply by calling on the government’s helpline numbers.

The service is likely to be launched in three months’ time.

“After rigorous discussions with departments over the past two months, the proposal is finally ready. The initiative will first be run on a pilot basis for services like getting OBC/SC/ST certificate, birth certificate, income certificate, RC of vehicles, no-objection certificates and change in address,” minister for administrative reforms Kailash Gahlot told Hindustan Times.

The pilot project is going to take off from the revenue and transport departments — which would mean people will not have to visit offices of the sub-divisional magistrates (SDMs) or motor licensing inspectors.
At present, even though e-district services are available, applicants are still required to visit the district office of their locality for verification of documents. The government has also found that despite the application process being completely online, the majority of people still visit the SDM’s office to get their work done.

“But under this (project), people will just have to make a call or tap on their phone and a representative will visit the person’s home within a day or so and get everything done. Everything will be in a time-bound manner and the company deploying these agents will also be liable to penalty in case of delay in delivering the service,” an official said.

The project, titled “Doorstep delivery of public services through mobile CSC”, was ideated by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and will now be put up before the cabinet.

Once approved, a tender will be floated to select the intermediary agency that would engage the service representatives (mobile customer service centres), manage their operations as well as coordinate with the corresponding departments, call centre and software development teams.

The official added that the other methods of applying for certificates will continue to be in place, and that this will only be an addition to the existing system.
Source-Hindustan Times

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