It’s Time Women Stop Pulling Each Other Down Over Insecurities Created By Patriarchy

At the risk of being politically incorrect, women haven’t exactly been known to forge the strongest friendships and taking a stand for each other. On the contrary, there is always a fuming competition and jealousy, which might be well masked off to the outside world. Women engage in competitions that manages to undo all talks of women empowerment. In theory, women must stand for each other and break the glass ceiling. But what happens is a projection of insecurities and submission to patriarchy taking over all the advances made.

A lot of this has to do with our indirect obligation to patriarchy and desperate need for validation from men.
In terms of physical appearance, women continue to resort to extreme measures to be the coveted size zero. In pursuit of a body that is desirable to men, women especially in their teens, succumb to eating disorders and nervous breakdowns. Fat shaming is rampant among women. Every other day, snapchats of models shaming overweight women surface on open platforms. But in reply to fat shaming, skinny shaming has taken over. Some of the common phrases are, ‘Real women have curves’, ‘Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones.’
Ultimately, women of differing physical frames fight against each other and pull each other down, for their own insecurities about having a body desired by the men.

On a larger scale, women beat each other up and further give in to stereotypes. I have come across numerous posts of women as how most women are superficial, how they use their body to get things done and how they aren’t worth anything beyond their makeups. This does nothing except punish women who fit into the standard definition of pretty by other women, who out of their own insecurities, label them as superficial.

On the other hand, women who are driven and like reading are categorized as nerds and are told that it’s an over compensation for not being beautiful enough. This cat fight stereotypes women as two mutually exclusive groups of bimbos and nerds – two meaningless and inconclusive stereotyped groups.
Here’s the deal, being skinny or having the perfect curves doesn’t give you the right to put down other women who don’t subscribe to your ideas of beauty. What happened to beauty being skin deep?

Also, having read enough books and being more informed than the rest doesn’t mean you jump to conclude other women as shallow because they spend too much time doing make up. Enjoy labelling yourself as bibliophile or sapiosexual, but refrain from putting down other women else what purpose does your intellect serve?

These endless mind games and ploys to pull each other down as a measure of emerging victorious, is harmful for all of us.

Source - Youth connect

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