Jacqueline Fernandez: I have the confidence to do strong roles now

She is full of energy when you meet her. The kind of roles that Jacqueline Fernandez has done so far have been somewhat closer to her own self, but as she gears up for the release of her next, 'Judwaa 2', Jacqueline tells us that she is ready to take up roles where the female protagonist is central to the story.
Getting into Karisma Kapoor's shoes was daunting 
For 'Judwaa 2', Jacqueline is playing Karisma Kapoor's character from 'Judwaa'. "I am feeling a certain kind of anxiety because I have never had the pressure of a remake. 'Judwaa 2' is the remake of a cult film from the 1990s, and getting into Karisma's shoes is very daunting. I met her recently and told her, 'I don't know what to do, I am extremely nervous. You have so much love from your fans and getting into your shoes is really intimidating'. And she replied, 'Don't think too much, just listen to David Dhawan and chill. When we shot for the film, we did not think too much'," says Jacqueline.
Jacqueline Fernandez (BCCL/ Ranjit Kumar)
Varun put pressure on me to get a video with Salman Khan
Few days before the release of the film, a video surfaced online in which the actress is seen dancing with the original 'judwaa' Salman Khan on Tan Tana Tan. Jacqueline reveals how the video came about. "We were performing in London for the Da-Bangg tour, and Salman and I would often discuss the film. Varun kept telling me, 'You better get a video with Salman'. And I would say, 'Yeah, yeah. If he (Salman) feels like it, we will get it done.' But Varun told me, 'Don't come back if you don't get a video with Salman'. So I got very pressurised, and then one day, when we were discussing the film, I told Salman that Varun won't let me come back to Mumbai if I didn't have a video with him. Salman suggested that we record a video on 'Tan Tana Tan'. He has a very different style of doing the dance. The guy who who was shooting the video told me, 'Jacky, you are going off the beat, you are not catching up'. But it was really fun. Salman is really excited about the film, I think he is going to be one of the first people to go and watch it," Jacqueline shares.
'I now have the confidence to do strong roles'
Though she has mostly done commercial films, Jacqueline says that in the future she would love to do roles like Shraddha Kapoor's character in 'Haseena Parkar' or Taapsee Pannu's role in 'Pink'. "I have been part of great commercial films, and I have worked with best actors and directors. But, if I was offered films like Pink or Haseena Parkar, I would have not been able to take them up in the past. I came with a lot of baggage, being a foreigner and then there was the language barrier, I don't think I would have had the confidence to take those roles. But now, with the roles and the kind of work that I am doing, I think I have the confidence to do such roles. When I look at the stuff that Alia Bhatt or Kangana Ranaut have been doing, I feel that for my growth as an actress, I should take up such roles - content-driven cinema where the female is the protagonist. I can only hope that these roles come my way."
Source-Times Of India

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