11 Sep 2017

Malayalam actress abduction case: Sreenivasan’s house attacked after he supported Dileep

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The miscreants attacked actor Sreenivasan's house on Sunday. There was no one in the house at the time of the incident, except for the watchman. The attack took place a day after he made comments vouching for Dileep's innocence in the sensational kidnapping and sexual assault of an actress.
Actor Sreenivasan’s house attacked after supporting Dileep

A day after popular Malayalam actor-filmmaker Sreenivasan supported embattled superstar Dileep in the abduction and sexual assault of a woman actor, his residence at Kuthuparamba was vandalised by some unidentified people.
The miscreants attacked Sreenivasan’s house on Sunday. There was no one in the house at the time of the incident, except for the watchman. According to reports, the guard noticed around 1am that the courtyard, gate and front walls were smeared with black oil.

Talking to media, Sreenivasan refused to call the ‘black-oil’ attack on his house, a repercussion of his pro-Dileep statements. “But whoever did this to our house could have poured oil all over the building, it would have saved some painting expenses,” the actor quipped in his trademark style, according to Manorama Online.

On Saturday, during a press interaction, Sreenivasan jumped into the bandwagon of actors in the Malayalam film industry who have been openly supporting Dileep in the sensational case. He said he believes that Dileep would never commit such a heinous crime and will be proven innocent with time.

“When you say making pro-Dileep statements will influence the witness, it should be pointed out Dileep statements will also mislead them. So how can you bar only the people who make supporting statements,” he asked while talking to the media after his house was attacked.

Dileep is currently lodged in Aluva Sub Jail for more than 60 days now. He has been accused of plotting the kidnapping and sexual assault of a female actor, who had shared a bitter past with him. The shocking attack took place near Kochi on February 17 earlier this year and Dileep was arrested on July 10 after being questioned multiple times.

Source - Indian Express

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