Shah Rukh Khan wants to retain the childhood of Suhana, AbRam and Aryan, here’s why

Shah Rukh Khan is missing his children and here's proof. He recently tweeted how his only duty towards his kids is to delay their adulting, as much as possible, just like his father did for him. While we wonder who it is for, Suhana, AbRam or Aryan, check out his tweet!

Shah Rukh Khan is missing his kids and here is proof!

Shah Rukh Khan has put up an interesting post on Twitter in relation to his three kids, Suhana, AbRam and Aryan and it will just melt your heart. He wrote, “19Sept. Like my dad(RIP), my only duty 2 my kids is 2 delay the onset of their adulthood as much as possible. Retain purity of their childhood.”
It is quite understandable why a father would say something like this. Because he always wants his kids to be just that, kids. And Shah Rukh Khan posting this makes us believe in the saying all the more. Only recently, doting dad Shah Rukh had posted a picture with Suhana and expressed how much he misses her while she is off to London to study. Is this in continuation of the same tweet? Looks like, SRK doesn’t want Suhana to grow up so quickly and move abroad to study, he wants her to be his little girl always.

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