Just like all of us, SRK too had his set of places he'd regularly visit to have his paan and cigarettes.

Lucky are those who are born with a silver spoon. And while Bollywood is mostly filled with products of Nepotism, there are some who continue to inspire those who suffer from what Karan Johar now calls, Nepospasm. 

Shahrukh Khan has always inspired us with his wit and his charm. He has become the man he is today only because of slogging hard. He has given reasons to millions who aspire to become the Kings of Bollywood sometime in their lives. 
As fans, you may think you know everything about your favourite actor, but there has been a part of his life that still remains undisclosed. That struggling phase of his life when he lived a common man's life not knowing some day he's going to be the King Of Bollywood. 

In a video uploaded by Iamsrk, a clip from the show Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai hosted by Farook Sheikh was released which revealed details about his life when even his existence was unknown to the ones who are starstruck by him today. 

Just like all of us, SRK too had his set of places he'd regularly visit to have his paan and cigarettes. 

His friend even visited the paanwala to check if he remembered them and he actually did. When asked if he had a message for Shahrukh, he said, "Aur Shahrukh sahab, pehle toh aap aya karte the toh aapki bike rukte hi, hum aapko cigarette pehle nikalke dete hai aur paan baadmein nikalke dete hain."

He even remembered how much Shahrukh disliked being called Maalik and instead asked him to call him Khan Bhai. 

Benny further explained how when they had gone to visit Gauri in Mumbai, they spent one night on the footpath on one of the nights and another on the Bombay Central railway station. 

It may surprise you to know that Shahrukh always dreamt of ruling the city as he does now. Yes! Back then, on one of those evenings, SRK stood at Marine drive in front of the setting sun and said, "One day I'll rule this city."

Here's the entire video. Have a look: 
It's always wonderful to go down the memory lane and who wouldn't want to if its SRK's?

Source - Being Indian

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