The Only Way To Motivate Yourself Is From Within, Here’s Why.

Very few of us are where we always hoped to be, in the practical realization of our dreams. The rest of us, carry on very day, like a ritual. A negligible percentage can actually boast of being satisfied with what they have and what they are. We are always fostering hopes and dreams inside of us. Although, we push it aside, hoping to forget that it ever existed, afraid that we will be consumed by the regrets of all unfulfilled dreams. But no matter how much we tell ourselves, that it doesn’t matter or we will get over it, it persists.
You know why the smallest of dreams seem like humongous tasks to achieve? Because none can really be achieved by just dreaming, it asks for some effort. Not just to work on it, but also believing in it, every single day. It isn’t just the big goals that need motivation; we need it for the most banal activities as well.
The days when you don’t want to get up from bed, but you manage to make it to work on time; the tenth push-up; the last question of the assignment, when you already gave up on the first question; the next mile to walk, the next page to read, and every trivial activity you carry through the day, you wouldn’t do it without a sense of purpose, a motivation.

You need motivation to just get through the day, believing the next day will probably be better than this one.

We are all constantly looking for motivation, in the people around us. We expect our family and friends to inspire us to do the impossible. If it were of any significance, all the Sharmaji’s betas would be wiped off the competition. There are a number of times relatives have pushed you to excel in fields you have no interest in or demean you for not being a topper. The constant nagging to perform better, because life has no meaning if you JEE score is not up to mark. Isn’t this the perfect motivation you need?
You can cover up your entire wall with inspirational quotes, and yet it wouldn’t serve any purpose until your calling comes from within.

Because if you are dependent on people and events to motivate you, the same can take you away from your track too. Until the gentle humming in your heart becomes loud enough that you can no longer ignore it, all the external motivation doesn’t have any influence.

Only when you stop searching for the entire universe to work in your favour and make you work towards your goal, and start searching for all the answers within, you will be able to get where you need to. Only you are responsible to put down the plate of fries, to read the next book, to walk another mile and hence only the motivation that comes from within you, will suffice your purpose.

Source - Youth Connect

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