This Is How These Billionaires Met The Love Of Their Life

What is the most interesting thing about a love story?

You never plan to love someone yet you experience the most divine feeling of admiring someone for the rest of your life.

Facebook, Flipkart, Ola and many prominent organisations and their CEOs have been a regular part of the daily news headlines.

But do you know they have some amazing experiences in their love life too? I never knew people could meet at such unusual places and fall deeply in love. Their experiences have made me believe that love has no limits and no defined time and place.

Love follows the mantra of 'my time and my place'.

So WittyFeed brings you ten amazing tales of how these billionaire CEOs got the love of their life.

Have a look at these experiences and from next time, do keep a check you can even get your soulmate in a washroom line or gym even.
1. Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang

Timmy Narang is a co-founder of the famous hotel chains 'The Ambassador' and also owns the Lush restaurant at Palladium, Mumbai.

Timmy is a 'gymaholic' and met Isha Koppikar, the Bollywood diva at the gym. Both exchanged numbers with each other and started talking.

They both conversed over the phone for two years and met only twice in these two years. This is unbelievable.

The two gym freaks found the love of their life at their favourite place.

Another Bollywood style romance. Rahul Kumar, the Founder of Micromax telecom industry, met the Bollywood diva Asin Thottumkal.

Asin told The Bombay Times that she had a similar start to her love story just like her own movie 'Ghajini'. She said, "Just like my character Sanjana in the film bluffed and made up the story of being linked to Sanjay Singhania. I met him first at the Mumbai airport, and that he said a hi and I said hi and how he came and sat next to me and then said I love you. My story is eerily similar to that."

She added that her co-actor Akshay Kumar introduced her to Rahul, and told 'I think you two will be good with each other'.

Finally, Rahul and Asin sealed their real life movie script and lived happily after.

3. Deepak Ravindran and Shilpa Thakur

We had always heard about continental food but have you heard about the continental wedding.

Interesting, isn't it?

The famous Bengaluru startup messaging app, Lookup, was founded by Deepak Ravindran.

Ravindran met Thakur, in the pretext of filing a patent. The patent outcome is still not received, but the duo had already sealed their deal.

It is called a continental love story because Deepak proposed Shilpa in Venice, they had their engagement in California, and now they are about to get married in Kerala.

4. Binny and Trisha Bansal

The founder of the biggest online retail in India, Flipkart, also had an impressive start to his love life. Binny met Trisha Vasudeva (who has now changed her maiden name and known as Trisha Bansal) during his IIT days. Trisha was studying at YMCA engineering college, Faridabad and went to IIT for a project submission at a national level seminar. Binny met Trisha during this seminar and started talking.

Who knew a single project submission could change Binny and Trisha's life forever!

5. Sundar and Anjali Pichai

Yes! Our famous Google CEO also was madly in love with a girl in his college. Probably a teenage love which changed to a lifetime relationship. Sundar met Anjali during his IIT days. They were batch mates at IIT. Initially they were good friends for four long years, and finally, Sundar proposed her in his fifth year of engineering. The duo shares a great bond and is now happily married. 

Love didn't spare our Google CEO even. Well! Everybody falls in love one fine day.

6.Anil Ambani and Tina Munim

'Ambanis' is a familiar name to the entire world. Anil Ambani who is one of the heirs of Reliance group had an interesting start towards his love life. He met the renowned Bollywood actress Tina Munim at a wedding for the first time. It was not love at first sight kind of thing. Instead, Anil was attracted by Tina's saree and her choice of colour. Tina wore a black saree, and she was the only one wearing that colour in the entire ceremony.The duo next time met in Philadelphia. They did not have a smooth love story, but they probably made it to the end.

What an appreciable start to such a legendary love story.

7. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and John Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the founder of the drug development industry Biocon. John Shaw is the Vice chairman of Biocon. In his early life, he used to travel abroad on a regular basis and travelled to different countries before coming to India. He met Kiran after a cocktail party and got attracted towards her. John used to travel and miss Kiran as he said in one of his interviews. They both are happily married now and cherish their love story forever.

John would never know the end of a cocktail party would bring such an unbelievable beginning to his love life.

8. Dia Mirza and Sahil Singha

Sahil Sangha is an advertising and marketing professional and the founder of the film production company Born Free Entertainment along with his beloved spouse Dia Mirza. The Bollywood diva Dia Mirza met Sahil for the first time when he visited her with a script. Vikram Phadnis had set up his meeting with her. Interestingly until much later, they didn't realise that they were in love.

I guess Bollywood divas and businessmeve always been a fantastic duo. Indeed, Dia and Sahil proved it again.

9. Narayan and Sudha Murthy

Well said, "Old is Gold". Here I bring you another legendary love story with a bookish beginning to it. The founder of the multinational corporation 'Infosys', Narendra Murthy met his better half for the first time in Pune. Sudha Murthy tells about how she met him and got married in 1978. She met him through her friend Parsanna (Wipro Chief, who was also training in Telco, Tata Motors).

Parsanna used to lend her many books with Murthy's name which means she preconceived an image of him. Contrary to her expectations, he was shy, bespectacled and an introvert. Later, Narayan proposed her for marriage and they led a happy life ever after.

Narayan and Sudha Murthy had an inspiring and mature love story. 

10. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

The social networking king, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest self-made billionaire. He is the founder of the biggest social networking site 'Facebook'. 

It was not one of those "Mark Zuckerberg meetings" with millions of people. But it was just a meeting between two people. Mark met Priscilla Chan during a party by Mark's fraternity in 2003. He met Priscilla at a very strange place, in the waiting line of a washroom. Soon these two Harvard students started dating each other.

This was a strange, weird "washroom line love".

So this is how these 10 billionaires started their journey of love, and each one of them ended up being happily married.

Source - Wittyfeed

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