This Transformation Of Family No. 1 Star Cast Will Surprise You

Whenever we hear some title tracks from our old favourite TV show, we can't help but hum them along. Did it ever happen to you? Because it always happens with me. These days, kids watch series like Roadies, Splitsvilla or Kesi Yeh Yaariyaan. But when we were kids, all we know was watching shows like Family No. 1, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai or FIR. And it can be said that there isn't any other show like these. 

But time has changed and so do the cast of our various shows. So to take you back in the time of your childhood, here we bring you how the cast of Family No. 1 has transformed over the years. 

So, keep on reading, as these transformations are something you have never imagined before. 

Family No. 1 was a comedy show which was aired on Sony TV from 1998-1999, starring Kanwaljeet Singh and Tanvi Azmi, both are single parents. Both of them have 3 kids each. They then decide to live under one roof, which leads to many funny situations. Later, the couple falls in love and the six kids keep on having comical fights. 
Kanwaljeet Singh

Kanwaljeet Singh played the role of a widower Deepak Malhotra. In the story, he has three kids: Rahul, Rashmi and Guddu. Apart from this show, Kanwaljeet has acted in Hindi and Punjabi films. His last movie was Tum Bin II in which he played the role of Papa ji. It was released in 2016. 

Unbelievable transformation Papa ji. 

When he used to appear in the TV series, no one had the idea that he will become more handsome with age. 

Tanvi Azmi

Tanvi Azmi played the role of widow Shalini Potia who has three children Bharti, Tufan and Dheer. In real life, she has performed different roles in different movies and TV shows. Her last movie was Guest In London(2017). She has won various awards for her performances. Most of us remember her from film, Bajirao Mastani, in which she played the role of Bajirao's (Ranveer's) mother. 

Kabir Sadanand

Kabir Sadanand is an Indian actor and film director. In the TV series Family No. 1, he played the role of Rahul Malhotra. He was last seen in TV series, Mujhse Kuchh Kehti...Yeh Khamoshiyaan, in 2012-13 as a parallel lead. He has also directed movie Fugly and Gollu Aur Pappy in 2014. 

This is transformation

Though the show ended in 1999, people still remember it. Keep reading, as now it's time to show how the kids in the show have transformed. 

Umesh Pherwani 

Umesh Pherwani played the role of Dheer Potia in the series. Currently, he is a stand-up comedian, actor, model, emcee, anchor and mind expert. He is also a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Plus, he is an author. 

Aparna Tilak

Aparna Tilak played as Rashmi in the TV serial. This show launched her career and got her immense popularity. She was later seen in the show Left Right Left. She was also a part of Bigg Boss Season 10. In Bigg Boss, she was the first wild card entry as a celebrity contestant. 

With time, the kids from the show have created their own identity. Let me tell you about the youngest two kids from the show, Toofan and Guddu. 

Vishal Solanki

Do you remember this kid? You must have also seen him movies like Khoobsuat. Well, he is a grown up now. He is an actor and has been a part of short films - Caffeinated, Foreign and Bird. 

Ajay Nagrath

Ajay Nagrath performed the role of Toofan. You may have seen him in other serials and movies like Ek Aur Ek Gyarah. He had said once, "I used to be a couch potato."

Now he is a part of various movies and television serials. The last show he was seen in was CID as Pankaj. 

It's surprising Ajay that you lost so much of weight

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