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Don't ask why because

You may think we've been abusing substance and that may not be entirely untrue but that's not why we're polluting your worthy existence by mentioning anti-national elements.

We're polluting your worthy existence because two anti-national students recently met up with an anti-national comedian and who knows what the ulterior motive of this meeting could be.

Thus, to get to the bottom of this meeting, we watched Kunal Kamra's podcast "Shut Up Ya Kunal" that featured Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid.

We would like to clarify at this point that the only reason we watched this anti-national assembly is to ensure the safety of our country and not to get entertained by any means.
Anti-national elements laughing in the face of democracy

The podcast started with inciting violence by making jokes and then it took a drastic turn when they tried to portray India's enemy number one Umar Khalid as a patriot who works for the betterment of the oppressed, which he does but his name is Umar Khalid and he's a Pakistani okay?

It was also scary to watch how the audience was laughing at their anti-national jokes. Has India been polluted by this podcast? Will India survive this blatant attack? Will Arnab press the launch button when we fight Pakistan in a nuclear war? Have our questions become redundant?

This podcast will answer all your queries.
Guess we finally have the answer to the question "Two anti-nationals walk into a bar".

Source - Being Indian

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