5 Health Problems Due To Wrong Sleeping Position

5 Health Problems Due To Wrong Sleeping Position


  1. Sleeping on your back can lead up to loud snores
  2. Studies show that your sleeping position determines your mental health
  3. Person is prone to heart related ailments due to wrong sleeping position
Do you wake up with a back-ache or severe headache? Have you been suffering from any sleep disorder lately? Research says that most of the health problems are linked to sleeping positions. While a healthy sleep is a necessity if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, your position on bed while sleeping also plays a significant role in keeping you healthy and active. There are many health problems which arise due to incorrect sleeping position.

1. Neck Pain

Researchers haven't pointed out any specific reason for neck pain due to sleeping position but a recent study has revealed that sleeping on your back causes you immense neck pain and can also make your body stiff and inflexible. Health experts have advised people to be mindful of the kind of pillow they choose for sleep.

2. Sleep Apnea

One of the most common sleep disorder is sleep Apnea where a person snores unnaturally loud because of lack of breathe. This happens when a person sleeps on his/her back for long hours. Sleeping on back affects the breathing process leading up to loud snores.

3. Nightmares

The main reasons for Nightmares is a big mystery but a study called Sleep and Hypnosis reported that people who slept on their left side experienced elongated nightmares as compared to those who slept on the right. Nightmares often interferes with our sleep cycle which severely affects our health.

4. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases

According to a research published in the journal of Neuroscience, sleeping to your sides can reduce the risk of Alzheimer and other neurological disorders. This shows that your sleeping position also determines your mental health.

5. Cardiovascular Diseases

A person can acquire many heart related problems due to incorrect sleeping position. The way you sleep determines your blood flow and sleeping in inappropriate position can either slow down or accelerate your blood pressure affecting your heart.

Source- NDTV

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