5 Ways Your Work Is Making You Fat

5 Ways Your Work Is Making You Fat


Sitting for long durations of time at work may make you fat.

On-job stress and unhealthy snacking at work may also be the cause.

Taking breaks and eating healthy is recommended.

More than half of your day revolves around your job. And why not, your job gives you money, gives you a social circle, your job is simply an essential part of your life. But, not that everything is mighty good and positive about your job. Yes, there are glitches and drawbacks, and especially when we start talking about the health part of your life. Exactly, your job is ruining your health and fitness, that too in more than one way. Here, we enlist 5 major ways in which your work is making you fat.

1. Prolonged Sitting

One thing that your 9 to 5 job demands from you, unconditionally, is sitting for long duration of time. With all major jobs being tech-oriented and staring at computer-screens being an integral part of the work, prolonged sitting has become a common feature in the daily-lives of a lot of people these days.

2. Job Stress

Stress is one of the major causes of obesity these days, and given those haunting deadlines, those perpetual orders from your boss, and the hectic work of each and every day, your job is undoubtedly a constant source of mild to severe stress for you, which, in the long run will take you to the path of obesity and may also become a cause for serious problems as such depression, heart disease, diabetes etc.

3. No Sunlight

Well, probably, you don't have your work table in a spacious porch or a balcony. Implying, that there's not much room for sunlight at your workplace. And many a research and studies have shown that lack of sunlight could lead to a good number of health-related problems including obesity.

4. Unhealthy Snacking

People, at work, often resort to unhealthy and unnecessary snacking and munching. owing to reasons as such work-stress, lack of time for proper meals and so on. This is an unhealthy practice as it simply makes you fat.

5. The Commute

You work to-and-from work may also make you fat. If you travel by a car, then your chances of becoming fat rise considerably, because that simply means more sitting. Taking a walk to work, if it's near enough, or going by a bike are more healthier options.


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