5 Wedding Makeup Tips That Your Skin Won’t Hate

5 Wedding Makeup Tips That Your Skin Won’t Hate

As a wedding is one of the biggest moments in a woman's life, anticipation to look perfect tends to be at an all-time high. To ensure that a bride looks stunning all through the day and night, makeup artists often choose harsh products and techniques which can irritate the skin. So before that happens, take note of these skin care tips for your wedding day so that your face is cared for while being made up.

1. Say no to treatments

To get that bridal glow on their wedding day, many brides choose to get facials, steams and clean-ups during their wedding week. Even if you've done it a 100 times before, don't risk it during your big week. There's always a chance that an unclean tool or reactive product can cause bumps or a breakout. A month to 3 weeks before your big day is when you should check into the salon for treatments. During the wedding week, use trusted home remedies and strict routines instead.

2. Select wisely

Whether you are doing your own makeup or hiring a makeup artist, request the use of water based makeup and mineral powders. Especially if you have sensitive skin, these water and mineral based products tend to be lighter on the skin. They won't mask your face and will allow your skin to breathe with their lightweight texture.

3. Start early

6 - 8 months before your wedding, make your skin a priority. This means, checking in with a skin specialist to treat existing troubles like pigmentation, dullness and spots. Getting that coveted glow as you walk down the aisle doesn't come quickly or easily so put your skin in the hands of an expert with ample time for visible results. Additionally, eat healthily and keep hydrating for radiance to show on your skin.

4. It isn't a marathon, it's several sprints

On your wedding day, don't opt for base makeup that needs to be done one time and can be finished off for the rest of the night. Especially if you have sensitive skin, long-lasting foundations and setting sprays can be harsh and weigh down heavily on the face. Instead, opt for a naturally finished base and choose to touch it up with powder and blotting sheets every couple of hours.

5. Don't experiment

As much as you may like to try the latest bubble mask or gold flecked facial serum, stop yourself from doing so. 2 months prior to your wedding, the topmost priority on your skin care list must be to keep your skin healthy; not experiment with new products as they can cause reactions which may not be able to rectify in time.


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