Dead Manan turns Santa on Diwali, ‘gifts’ organs

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For the Agarwals (name changed), this Diwali would be worth remembering. The diyas would glow brighter for 21-year-old youth from Malviya Nagar in Jaipur, who was declared brain dead following a road accident on Saturday gave a new lease of life to four persons by cadaver transplant. His Liver was transplanted to a patient in Medanta NIMS Hospital and the kidneys were transplanted to two patients at the EHCC Hospital, while his heart was sent to Fortis Hospital, Okhla, New Delhi.

On the fateful morning of October 8, Manan Jain, who worked at a call centre, was rammed by a car 10:15am at Adinath Nagar while he was heading towards his office on his two-wheeler after dropping his younger brother at a friend’s place.
Seriously injured Manan was admitted to EHCC hospital where despite medical treatment for five days, doctors declared him brain dead on Saturday.
However, the grieving family expressed a wish to donate his organ, his heart, liver and the pair of kidneys were harvested in EHCC Hospital.
“We were aware of organ donation so family discussed it,” Mukesh Jain, Manan’s Uncle told DNA. “Though our family is in deep sorrow as we have lost our child in his young age at the same time it is also an overwhelming feeling that our child has given new life to four people and all we are proud of that,” said Jain.
Can save lakhs of lives
The total number of brain deaths due to accidents in India is nearly 1.5 lakhs annually. Other causes of brain death would potentially add many more numbers. There is a need of 2 lakh kidneys, 50,000 hearts and 50,000 livers for transplantation every year. Even if 5-10% of all brain deaths are harvested properly for organ donation, there would be no requirement for a living person to donate organs.
One person dies of kidney failure every 5 minutes. This amounts to roughly 290 deaths every day due to kidney failure.
Source - DNA

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