Here's Why Drinking Coffee At Night Is Not A Good Idea!

Here are top 3 reasons why drinking coffee at night is not good for your health.
  1. Drinking coffee at night affects your quality of sleep adversely.
  2. Caffeine intake at night makes you irritable and tired the next day.
  3. Night-time coffee is not good for your mental well-being.
After that yet another long and hectic day at work, you may think that a cup of coffee is all you need to rejuvenate your mind and body. But, truth be spoken, having coffee at night is not at all a good idea (at-least, as far as your health is concerned). Here's why you should keep distance from caffeine at night-time for the sake of your good health and well-being.
1. Disturbed Sleep
Intake of caffeine late at night could be harmful for your quality of sleep. Caffeine delays your sleepiness and could also become a cause for insomnia in the long run, which is downright dangerous for your physical as well as your mental health.'
2. Tiredness during the Day
Grabbing that hot cup of coffee at night may however give you some stress-relief for the time being, but the same could make you feel tired and used-up the very next day. Apart from that, it could also become a cause for excessive stress, anxiety, disturbed mood, irritability and so on.
3. Psychological Impact
Intake of stimulants as such caffeine late at night could be dangerous for your mental health as it could trigger conditions as such stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders and other dangerous mental health conditions if continued in long run.

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