Juhi Parmar And Sachin Shroff To End Their Marriage Of 8 Years; No Chance Of Reconciliation

One of the most beloved bahus of the prime time television shows, and the winner of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Season 5, beautiful and innocent Juhi Parmar stole everyone’s heart.

Kumkum actress got married to Sachin Shroff, a businessman and television actor, on Febuary 15, 2009. The two were deeply in love and got engaged on the most romantic day of the year i.e on the Valentine’s day  they had a royal wedding in one of the most beautiful places in Jaipur.

They have a cute little baby girl, Samairra, who completes their family and their entire life revolves around her.

But apparently there have been news of the couple calling it quits to their eight years of marriage. The things have been difficult between the couple. According to the reports in TOI, the couple have been living separately for over a year now and the matter seems to be irresolvable.

According to sources,
"While everything was fine during the initial years of marriage, trouble started brewing over a period of time. Differences crept into their relationship, which now seems irreconcilable. Sachin was conspicuous by his absence even at the launch of Juhi's mythological show Siddharth Kumar Tewary's 'Karmphal Data Shani'. They have been staying separately for almost a year. Samaira stays with Juhi, who will soon file for divorce. There is no chance of reconciliation."

Few years back, there were same speculations about the trouble in their paradise but the couple went on board saying that everything was fine and the reports were baseless. Sachin made a clear statement that showed how much he loves his wife.

“There's no trouble in our marriage. Reports about our differences and fights are baseless. Even if we have differences, they are very normal, like any other husband-wife would have. Juhi and I love each other madly and can't stay without each other for a day. Only I know how miserable I am without her currently. We are so dependent on each other for the smallest of things.”

There are no comments from the couple but their fans are surely disheartened from the news of their separation. We hope they come forward and clarify this. Till then, for all the updates about your favourite celebs, stay tuned with us.

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