Shri Krishna Who Ruled The Hearts Of Indians Now Doing THIS To Run His Home

He was once a popular face in each and every house in our country. He was loved and adored. He was a respected actor too. He is none other than Sarvadaman D. Banerjee, the actor who played Lord Krishna in the mythological series Shri Krishna. He gained popularity with this show, which was aired in the year 1993. Pulling off the role of lord Krishna, Banerjee made the audience fall for his impeccable acting skills. The way he lived the character in the show Shri Krishna was so natural that he was and is still known as the best actor to portray the role of Shri Krishna.
As read and seen in popular books on Hindu mythology Lord Krishna was tall, handsome and possessed dark complexion and a mischievous smile. In the TV show, Shri Krishna, Sarvadaman in the role of Krishna ji looked very similar to him. 

This isn't enough. Many from the Indian audience even considered that watching Sarvadaman play Krishna, is like watching the real God alive. 

But the actor who was once a household name isn't even remembered by his fans now. See what is Sarvadaman up to now:
Source-Witty Feed 

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