Is Anushka Virat’s Real Bride? This Girl’s Mad Photoshop Skills Might Actually Confuse You

You think you’re a celebrity’s biggest fan just because you’ve been professing your love by religiously following them on Twitter, grabbing the first look of their pictures on Instagram, and catching up on all the latest fandom gossip? Hold your horses, let us introduce you to Pooja Sharma who’s overpitched her love for cricketer Virat Kohli and taken the game to the next level.

Twenty-something Pooja has been using her brilliant Photoshop skills to display her Kohli-love and (well…) score his attention. Somehow, the cricketer hasn’t stumbled upon her creativity yet but her relatives have and seems like they’ve got a problem with this love affair. 
“Guys I am tying the knot this December, finally! It’s the Sharma-Kohli wedding y’all have been waiting for. Please RSVP. Also, a big thanks to Manyavar for this wonderful shoot with my boo, Virat #Candid”

Pooja says, “Now that I’ve shown my relatives how lovely I will look in bridalwear (winks), they cannot wait to get me married. Am I in trouble (laughs)? My family’s adorable!”

Not only are her pictures entertaining, the amusing captions and hashtags that she writes are sure to put a smile on your face. This one, for example:

“As per my announcement last month, we have finally tied the knot. We had a wedding of your dreams (Yes, your) with a lehenga that killed every unmarried Indian woman. Thank you, Sabyasachi, for that. We need your blessings now. Here’s a picture of my new husband taking a picture of me. Stop it Hubby. #HatersWillSayThisIsPhotoshopped #SharmaKohliInnings”

Now that’s how you handle heartbreak in a stroke and play it cool, kids.

She adds, “I personally admire Anushka more than him but I’m very much straight and I like making people laugh. In all honesty, I think they make a power couple.”

Here’s a fact that will blow your mind. Technically, this Sharma met Virat long before he met his real ladylove, Anushka Sharma. Here’s proof.


“The world is so unfair and I’m a waste,” giggles Pooja.

We wish a Kohli in Pooja’s life real soon.
Source - Indian Women Blog.

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