17 Years After It First Aired, Ekta Kapoor’s Kasautii Zindagii Kay Might Soon Make A Comeback

Ekta Kapoor revolutionized family dramas and epic vamp roles through her series. And it seems she is set to do it all over again.

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Because Kasautii Zindagii Kay, which gave us the most iconic vamp ever, Komolikaaaa, is all set to return to the small screen. 

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Ekta Kapoor took to Instagram to share the announcement of the upcoming show, which is yet to be named. 

However, what she has confirmed, is that it will once again be inspired by her 'broken heart', just like the original. No wonder it was a sob fest our mothers (and guilty admission, even most of us) enjoyed! 

Source: India Today
From the title track, to the iconic characters, people still remember the show fondly. No doubt new faces will find it difficult to take over these classic roles. 

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Well, we can only wait and watch if the comeback manages to hold a candle to the original. Till then, enjoy the famous title track here. - Source - Scoop Whoop

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