Dancing and keeping fit to the tune of Bollywood

“Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are commonly found in the Indian community and if we sit back and do not arrest the problem in time, half of our community will become sitting ducks, lying in hospital beds. We need to take charge and control of our body,” she said.

Durban’s dance, yoga and fitness instructor, Zai Misser (41) believes that it is time that that Indian community take charge of their health.

Misser, a financial manager who lives in Malvern, is no ordinary woman. Her community outreach programme called Bollywood Fitness is based in the heart of the community. Her bubbly personality, high energy levels, strong personality, deep family values and spirituality beliefs come from her family and former community.
“I hail from Moorton, Chatsworth and my alma martyr is Asoka Secondary. I firmly believe that these two places have shaped my personality and have given me the confidence and most of all, has taught me humility and family values. At my fitness classes, there are all ages from as little as four years to 60. I believe that what you eat in private, you wear in public,” she explained.
She is an embodiment of healthy living, discipline, and hard work. She said one needs to strike a balance between work and keeping the body in check. “Your body is the most important part of your life. It needs to function at an optimum level,” she added.

Speaking in the comfort of her home, the 21st century mother of two beautiful school-going daughters and her teacher husband said, “Unfortunately, some of our young women and mothers are not given an opportunity to take charge of their fitness and life.”
Source - Rising Sun 

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