Sonam Kapoor says her role in PadMan was edited to ‘make the film shorter’

A portion of Sonam Kapoor’s role in the recent Akshay Kumar-starrer, PadMan, was edited to keep the film ‘short,’ the actor said in a recent interview to Huffington Post India. Sonam plays the foil, and eventual love-interest, to Akshay’s character in the film. While he belongs to the village, she hails from the city. “There was more to that relationship than what was shown. It was edited out to make the film shorter. At the end of the day, if we were able to say what we wanted to say, I think it’s okay,” she said.
Her character, Pari Walia’s arc in the film was criticised by several reviewers, who felt that it distracted from the message of the movie. Huffington Post’s Ankur Pathak, who also did the interview, said that “The film has a strong enough message and a romantic track (between Kumar and Kapoor) meddles with the plot’s inherently powerful premise.” The Week’s critic, meanwhile, wondered if the love triangle could have been avoided.

Because of her pivotal role in the story, not much could be done to avoid how it ended. Sonam said that “they couldn’t remove the last few bits so they did what they could to keep it short.”

But she said that she doesn’t care about her screen time.”You cannot be insecure about such things and constantly kill yourself over screen time. That’ll make you suffer. You got to be confident about the value you bring to the film as well as be conscious of what the film is contributing to the society at large,” she said.

PadMan, directed by R Balki, is based on the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who revolutionised the concept of sanitary pad distribution in India by creating a low-cost machine. The film has earned Rs 74 crore at the box office, cementing Akshay’s position as the flagbearer of socially-driven cinema in mainstream Bollywood. Sonam will next be seen in Veere Di Wedding.

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