Sridevi death: Cardiac arrest and heart attack are not same, differences explained

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Sridevi death: Cardiac arrest and heart attack are not same, all you need about the difference

Legendary actor Sridevi passed away on Saturday night in Dubai. The actor was of 54 years. 
Below we have explained you what is cardiac arrest and heart attack and the differences between them.
Her demise came as a surprise to everyone as she had been fit and hale and hearty. A source close to the family revealed to BollywoodLife, “Sridevi was not ailing of any major sickness which is why this news is so shocking. She has been fit and hale and hearty for a long time. She suffered a massive cardiac arrest in Dubai where she was on a short break and passed away after doctors could not bring her back. This was something that no one expected.”
Her mortal remains are expected to be brought back to her Mumbai home on Monday. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

Sudden cardiac arrest comes unannounced with no signs of warning or any symptoms.

In case of sudden cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating all of a sudden with no signs of warning. This causes no blood to be pumped to the brain and other vital organs of the body. If the cardiac arrest is not immediately treated with an electrical shock to the heart, the patient dies within minutes.

Heart attack

In case of heart attack, blood clot blocks the blood flow to the heart that causes complete blockage of an artery. The tissues lose oxygen without blood and it leads to death.

Blockage of arteries happen normally due to fatty foods we consume. As we grow up, the fats accumulates in arteries thus making a clot that leads to a heart attack. The longer time we take to treat a blockage, the chances of surviving a heart attack reduces.

Before a heart attack, it can be easily spotted than a cardiac arrest as the patient shows symptoms of chest pain, tightness, a sharp ache in left arm, abnormal heartbeat, light headedness and fatigue.

Which is more dangerous - Cardiac arrest or heart attack?

Both the diseases are considered dangerous as cardiac arrest and heart attack can lead to death. 

However, it is said there is more chance of survival in a heart attack as it shows us some early signs, however, cardiac arrest gives us no such warnings. 

Causes of cardiac arrest and heart attack

Cardiac arrest and heart attack are caused by the same factors including smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, alcoholism, a sedentary lifestyle.

How to prevent cardiac arrest and heart attack?

Both the diseases can be prevented if Screening for heart disease, especially, if you have a family historyLeading a healthy lifestyle such as – eating a nutritious, balanced diet and staying physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Source - DNA

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