Why Bollywood wants to be in good books of Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan, is not just reel-life Dabangg but he is even the same in real life. Salman is one of those celebrities, one cannot afford to be in the bad books of. Despite being a good Samaritan and helpful soul for strugglers and beginners, Salman has had tiffs with celebrities. And, you know what, it didn't even affect his film's business which went on to churn money.
He has a say in his film's cast and crew and makers seldom go against his will. Salman has the power to make or break the career of the person who rubs him the wrong way. Don't you remember Vivek Oberoi and Arijit Singh's cases? Even Aishwarya Rai lost out on a film because of Salman Khan that time. If that's not enough, then you can recall Salman's 'rape' comment in which he compared his gruelling action scenes to the pain of a raped woman. While many criticised him for his remarks, almost all big Bollywood stars remained tight-lipped on his statement. These were those actors who are themselves associated with social issues and have raise their voices on various causes. 

Salman Khan's differences with singer Arijit Singh is not new. Time flew but Salman's feelings for Arijit remained the same. For the unversed, the spat began in 2013 when Salman was hosting a music awards show and Arijit came to receive his award in chappals and almost in a sleepy state. When the actor asked him,''So rahe thy kya'', Arijit replied, ''Kya Karein, sula diya tha aap logo ne.'' This didn't go down well with Salman who later announced 'No Arijit in his film'. Because of this, Arijit missed out on songs from Salman's movies such as Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, etc. Arijit even apologised to Salman but it fell on deaf ears. It has been five years and Salman still dislikes Arijit. And now, there are reports that Salman even snatched from Arijit an opportunity to sing for multi-starrer film Welcome To New York.
Source - India Tv news

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