Samsung Galaxy S9 Seen to Pass Scratch, Burn, and Bend Tests With Solid Results


  1. The phone scratched after Moh level 6 on hardness scale 
  2. Pixels started vanishing after 12 seconds of exposure to fire 
  3. The phone did not bend on repeated attempts 
Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ were launched at the Galaxy Unpacked event late last month and in India, much more recently, at a launch event last week. The next-gen flagship phones from Samsung come with a glass body and a metal frame that promises a great level of durability. The phones recently underwent a durability test that includes them going through several scratch, burn, and bend tests. The phones did perform well compared to competitors like the iPhone X and HTC U11.
YouTuber JerryRigEverything got hold of the latest in smartphone technology from Samsung and put the Galaxy S9 duo through his durability test. Starting off with the scratch test, the AMOLED display of the smartphones resisted scratches till Moh level 6 of hardness, thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass 5protection. The glass is thicker than the one on the Galaxy S8. The YouTuber appreciated the usage of metal in the earpiece, helping it become more durable. Both the front and back cameras on the handset are under glass protection to avoid them getting scratched easily. The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, however, is prone to scratches although it worked perfectly fine even after numerous scratches to its surface, during the test.

Moving on to the burn test, the display of the Galaxy S9 starts losing pixels after about 12 seconds of exposure to flames from a gas-filled lighter. The AMOLED display, however, quickly regained pixels while the oleophobic coating was seemingly destroyed around the area of impact. And, lastly, the Galaxy S9 passed with flying colours in the final bend test, with high tolerance on front and back flexes, courtesy the phone's upgraded aluminium frame.

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