Students Of A Pvt. Medical College In Uttarakhand Protest A Sudden 138% Fee Hike

What if you were notified that because of a new amendment, your current course fee has been increased by an exorbitant margin of 300% per year?

This is exactly what happened on March 28 when the Uttarakhand government gave Shri Guru Ram Rai Medical College freedom to decide its own fees. As a result of this, the college increased its fee from ₹8 lakh a year to ₹19 lakh. It is one of the most exorbitant fee hikes we’ve seen in the country.
After hearing this decision, the students of SGRR college have hit the streets by raising placards, demanding that the decision be revoked. According to them, many of the college’s students come from middle-class families and cannot afford this fee. Several students protested outside the college demanding an immediate withdrawal of the decision and submitted a memorandum consisting of various points on the current MBBS and MD courses and even the upcoming new term. Many parents have claimed that this decision is unethical and are urging the government to think cautiously.

I find this decision to be really unethical and pathetic. On one hand, we encourage education for each and every student, and on the other, the government is supporting a decision that threatens the education of so many students. Education is not a joke and you cannot use economic failure as a reason to rob us.

I hope the students’ protest will sort out the problem and coerce the government to revoke this decision as soon as possible.

Source - youthkiawaaz

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