Aliens exist? Triangular shaped UFO spotted harnessing power from lightning bolt

In an astonishing find conspiracy theorists have come up with another UFO sighting where alien hunters have spotted mysterious triangular-shaped spacecraft travelling through the bolt of lightning. The alleged alien spacecraft is following the path of lighting with ease. Conspiracy theorists say that it cannot be human spacecraft as the object travelled through lightning and only extraterrestrial life source could have made such spacecraft.

Youtuber ‘Secoreteam10’ that constantly posts about alien findings and UFO sightings has also uploaded a video of the mysterious sighting where one can clearly see that a triangular shaped object is flying through the lightning. The Youtuber claims that either the alien spacecraft was using the light as its path or it came near lightning bolt to harvest the energy using the advanced techniques.

Soon after uploading the video, it went viral on the social media and received thousands of likes and shares. The video received over 225,000 views on Youtube in less than 24 hours.

Search for alien life has gained pace in recent times and space agencies are working hard to find the proof of extraterrestrial life. Meanwhile, a team of scientists from the Plymouth University believes that we should take help of artificial intelligence to find the alien life. According to researchers, artificial intelligence has witnessed rapid developments and it can help us in predicting the probability of life on other planets.

For the study, scientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks (ANNs) to classify planets into five types, based on the likelihood of supporting extraterrestrial life. Based on these groups, scientists will further conduct interstellar missions to find the alien life.

Lead study author Mr Christopher Bishop explains that planets in all the five groups have an atmosphere and possibility of life. Some planets are very similar to present day earth and are present in Goldilocks zone while some are more like Mars and Venus.

Mr Bishop comments, “We’re currently interested in these ANNs for prioritising exploration for a hypothetical, intelligent, interstellar spacecraft scanning an exoplanet system at range.”

He adds, “We’re also looking at the use of large area, deployable, planar Fresnel antennas to get data back to Earth from an interstellar probe at large distances. This would be needed if the technology is used in robotic spacecraft in the future.”

Source - The Tecare 

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