Five Mothers Who Could Not See Their Sons Making Bollywood Debut

still remember the instance from my childhood, where my aunt asked my cousin to become a pilot when he grows up. She also told him that it's her life's biggest dream to watch him fly an airplane. And today when my cousin is a pilot with India's finest airline company, my aunt is the happiest person to watch him do so, coz his son turned her dream into reality. 

Similarly, many of our Bollywood stars confessed that their mothers dreamt of watching them become a superstar. Like that in their reel life, these stars are quite attached with their moms in real life too. While many celebs are lucky enough to have their moms with them, there are some superstars who lost their moms much before they made debut in Bollywood. 

Their moms passed away even before the release of the first movie of their star sons. These Bollywood actors are often seen speaking about their moms at events and award functions. Let's check out these Bollywood stars who lost their moms at the starting of their career

Source - WF 

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