Google's biggest event of the year kicks off on Tuesday — here's what to expect

Google I/O is kicking off on May 8 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA - right on the doorstep of the world-famous Googleplex. We're expect to hear much more about what Google has in store for the next year.

The event is mostly geared towards Google's message to developers. But we still get lots of hints as to the future of Android phones, Google Home smart speakers, and the Google search engine itself.

As usual, we expect to hear about upcoming changes coming to Android with the next version, codenamed Android P. We might also see the introduction of a spinoff version of Android that's designed to run on home appliances and other types of machines.

And above all else, we'll surely hear about the future of Google's big bet on artificial intelligence, which underpins pretty much everything else.

Source - MSN

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