OnePlus 6 quietly removes this feature with first update

OnePlus had rolled out a software update on the day its latest flagship phone OnePlus 6 went on sale (May 22). The update introduced features like slow motion video recording at 720p@480fps and 1080p@240fps along with the ability to hide the notch display. However, the software update took away one cool feature from the OnePlus 6—'Always-on Ambient Display’.

By default there was an option to turn-on the 'Always-on Ambient Display’ in theOnePlus 6. This was available under the Display Settings along with the option “Lift up display”. Says a post on Reddit from a user named paket911, "Ok guys, so I just received my OnePlus 6 today and before installing the update that it received out of the box I messed a bit with the settings and found out that under display-> Ambient you could check an option between "when raised" and "always on" and was ready to do a PSA on reddit about it but after I installed the update that brings the hide the notch feature and the may security patch the option for always on disappeared. Can anyone who has yet to get their hands on their device please confirm this before they install the update? I am 100% sure the option was there, I even used it but I have no proof now after installing the update."

Commenting on the post, several other Reddit users too have confirmed the feaure. "My pre-update software has it," said a user in the comment (he also shared the screenshot).

Somer news reports suggest that OnePlus has removed the 'Always-on Ambient Display’ in order to save battery. The company was reportedly experimenting with the feature and was concerned about the battery life, hence it removed it. However, OnePlus hasn’t made an official statement on this.

This is the first OnePlus smartphone to feature a ‘notch display’ (like in the iPhone X) and a glass back. While for OnePlus 5T users, the smartphone appears as just an incremental update, for the rest, the OnePlus 6 appears to be an attractive deal for its price of Rs 34,999. DIY repair experts at iFixit have recently done a teardown of the new OnePlus 6 to reveal the innards. They have given the smartphone a 'repairability' score of 5 out of 10. A score of 10 suggests that a device is the most easiest to repair.

The iFixit teardown report reveals that the OnePlus 6 battery “falls behind its peers in capacity, with 12.70 Wh—slightly under the Galaxy S9+ (13.48 Wh) and Google Pixel 2 XL (13.6 Wh).” While the battery inside the OnePlus 6 is non-removable, if by any chance you need to change the battery, the process is very simple. Talking about repairing the display of the OnePlus 6, the teardown report claimed that the OLED notch display in the OnePlus 6 is difficult to repair as it is firmly glued in place. The report states that “the display probably won't come out undamaged.

Source - NDTV 

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