PM Modi Never Said Rs. 15 Lakh Will Be Deposited In Accounts: BJP Leader

BJP lawmaker Amar Sable has stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi never said Rs. 15 lakh would be deposited into the the accounts of every citizen of the country.

He accused the opposition parties of creating "misunderstanding" and "confusion" in the minds of the people by spreading "disinformation" about this issue.

Mr Sable, while addressing a press conference to highlight the achievements during four years of NDA rule, added that this issue, of depositing Rs. 15 lakh in the bank accounts of people, was not in the BJP's manifesto either.

"Modi ji never said that Rs. 15 lakh will be deposited into the accounts of citizens. It was never in the BJP's election manifesto," Mr Sable said.

"The opposition is creating misunderstanding and confusion in the minds of citizens by spreading disinformation about the Rs. 15 lakh," Mr Sable added.

He was speaking in Pimpri in Pune on Saturday.

Source - NDTV 

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